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Home Brew Loading Coil for AD5X Vertical

Posted by on January 14, 2007

Dennis and CoilCompleted Coil

This weekend, Dennis (N5DRB) and I made a loading coil for the second of our AD5X portable vertical antennas. The coil is also based on the design of Phil Salas, and you can see his article for making it at .

We used a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe as the core, however we screwed 6 inch lengths of edge stip onto the pipe to hold them a little more securely while we wound.

 Edge Strip fixed to coreimg_4844.JPG

We unwound about 6 feet of wire at a time and stretched it as straight as possible before winding it onto the form, trying to keep the tension even. This was definitely a two man job. Once the coil was wound, we masked the former with tape and filled the edge strip with 5 minute epoxy and let it set up overnight.

Stretching the WireMasking for the Epoxy

Next day, Dennis removed the coil from the form, which took a little effort cause we wound it on pretty tightly. He tapped gently on each of the four spacers to slide it off. He then fabricated the coil supports as described in the article using the 3/8″ fibreglass rod.

The final step is to solder the coil onto the brass rods and it’s ready to go…

Unmounted CoilReady to Solder

4 Responses to “Home Brew Loading Coil for AD5X Vertical”

  1. des O'Brien said

    nice to see some construction articles mkeep up the good work , ham radio needs a lot of this instead od the buy a black box attitude . regards ZL2OB

  2. Great idea for lining the coil up. I am not familiar with what you call “edge strip” what is the source for that material. Looks perfect for making coils like this! Thanks for posting the good pictures. 73, K4UPG

  3. Great content thanks for the post please post more things relating to this!

  4. Jamie said

    Thanks for posting this- I’m going to give this a try


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